Women In Bushcraft

Kerry set up the facebook group Women in Bushcraft in 2017 when she was searching for likeminded women to share her re-ignited passion of the outdoors. The group has continued to grow and now has members from across the globe.

Despite the name Women in Bushcraft is a fully inclusive community group that was created with the aim of:

  • Promoting Bushcraft, Survival and its related skills and crafts.
  • Encouraging women to try out these skills.
  • Educating and growing the skills of women in Bushcraft, Survival and its related skills and crafts.
  • Championing Women in Bushcraft and giving then a platform to showcase their skills.

The group does arrange meets where it members can come together and learn from each other. 

In 2020, Women in Bushcraft are hoping to launch a Global Ambassador Programme where an Ambassador for the group will be selected from each country to promote the ethos of Women in Bushcraft. The ambassador programme currently has a number of ambassadors from Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Italy and the USA. 

if you are interested in joining Women in Bushcraft then you can find the group by clicking on the below link.

Women in Bushcraft Facebook Group.gr