Supporters of Vixen Bushcraft

Since Kerry started her learning journey, she has been very fortunate to have met some wonderful people along the way. People who have welcomed her with open arms to the world of Bushcraft & Survival and have now become like family. 

These people continue to support Kerry on her journey and at some stage throughout Kerry’s blog, they will be mentioned so here is where you can find more information about Kerry’s bushcraft family. 

Kyt Lyn Walken - Hulls Tracking School Official Representative and Instructor.

Kyt Lyn Walken is the first female Man-Tracking lead in Europe and is an official representative of Hulls Tracking School, Virginia USA. Kyt is a man-tracking worshipper as well as an authentic trader of the ancient art that is still so effective nowadays from Search and Rescue, Tactical dimension, Forensic Science, Border Control and conservation.
Kyt is a keen conservationist and is an active ranger with the Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide (CROW).

You can find out more information about Kyt and tracking by clicking on the logo to her website - The Way of Tracking below.

Kerry and Kyt first met online a few years ago and finally got to meet in person in 2019 at The Bushcraft Show and have since become very good friends. Kyt has since joined Kerry as one of the admins of the Women in Bushcraft Facebook group.

For more information about Kyt and the work that she does, please click on her logo below.

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine and The Bushcraft Show

Kerry has been openly supported by the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine and The Bushcraft Show in her efforts with Women in Bushcraft to encourage women into trying bushcraft. The magazine has published one of Kerry's emails to the editor where Kerry praised the magazine for several published articles by leading women such as Laura Stafford and Megan Hine. Kerry has ambitions to one day write her own articles for the magazine.

Kerry is a big supporter of the magazine and the annual show and over the last few years, the owner David Thompson has become a dear friend of Kerry's and is very much a part of her bushcraft family.

For more info about the magazine, please click on their logo.

The Feral Yam Yam Bushcraft School

The Feral Yam Yam Bushcraft School is a Midlands based Bushcraft School based in Clent Hills. The school was formed in 2015 by Dean Millard. The school run courses in Bushcraft & Survival, from basic to advanced. They also run workshops around the country demonstrating woodcraft and outdoor living skills.

In 2019, The school gained sponsorship from The Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine and The Bushcraft Show. with their support, The school has gone from strength to strength and now has 8 sponsors that help the school to do their work with underpriviledged children.

Kerry was asked by Dean Millard of the Feral Yam Yam Bushcraft school if she would be interested in volunteering as an instructor. Kerry was honoured to have been asked and so you will see Kerry at some events with the school.

Prepper's Paradise

Prepper's Paradise are an online store for Prepper's. They also run some excellent survival courses. Mark has over 20 years Military Survival experience and Sharyn has over 10 years experience in IT, Design and Events so they make the perfect combination for this start up business and you will see them at various bushcraft related shows throughout the year.

Prepper's Paradise are a sponsor of the Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide (CROW) and you will see some of their food and products being used by Rangers in Africa currently.

Sharyn and Mark are really good friends with Kerry and occasionally Kerry will be trying out some of their gear to add a female perspective to the product.

For more information about Prepper's Paradise, click on their logo.

Cimone Outdoor

Cimone Outdoor is Bushcraft & Survival company based in Modena Italy.

Cimone Outdoor run numerous courses throughout the year in Bushcraft & Survival and land navigation as well as activities such as team building, trekking and other outdoor activities.

As with Kyt, Kerry first met Renzo online a couple of years ago but finally got to meet in person at The Bushcraft Show 2020 where they exchanged patches. Their friendship continues to blossom to date and Kerry is hoping to make a visit with Kyt to the bushcraft show that Renzo organises, later on this year.

For more information about Renzo and the team at Cimone Outdoor, then please click on their logo below.

Fenland Bushcraft

Fenland Bushcraft is a Bushcraft Company based in a beautiful area of the UK known as 'The Fenlands".

Geoff Preen and his team run regular Bushcraft, Survival and Craft courses throughout the year.

Geoff and the team have helped Kerry introduce women to bushcraft by hosting some sessions during the Autumn Equinox at their stunning location.

Kerry hopes to collaborate many times in the future with the Fenland Team.

For more information about the courses Fenland have on offer, please click the picture.

Carl Dobson aka Sierra Survival

Carl runs Sierra Survival in the Czech Republic, where he teaches regular Bushcraft & Survival Courses and other outdoor activities.

Carl has a youtube channel where you can see some of the things he teaches as well as follow him on some of his outdoor adventures.

Once again Kerry first met Carl via the online bushcraft community a few years ago and over time they have built a solid friendship. Carl has been over from the Czech Republic and has stayed with Kerry and her family on a few occasions.

Carl has since become very much a part of the family and they both tend to playfully refer to each other as siblings.

Justin Jewell aka North Herts Bushcrafter

Justin Jewell is a well known name to many in the Bushcraft Community. He has a fantastic Youtube channel where like Kerry he documents his travels and his journey.

Justin is a fantastic guy and he and Kerry are very good friends. They try to see each other at meets as often as they can.

You may see them both collaborating at The Bushcraft Show 2020 doing some media work. They are also both part of a team organising the 'Lavvu Fest 2020' at The Bushcraft Show which is a separate area of the show for owners of the Polish Lavvu.

For more details about JJ's Youtube channel, please click on the photo.

Woodland Bushcraft & Survival

Woodland Bushcraft & Survival run by the awesome duo Tammy & Adrian.

It is a store often seen at many of the bushcraft related shows and they sell at amazing prices. They are helpful and will always do their best to accommodate your request. Plus, the kettle is always on!

Kerry is good friends with Tammy & Adrian and you may see her from time to time helping out on their store at some shows such as The Bushcraft Show 2019 when Kerry worked for them.

For more details of the fantastic prices at Woodland Bushcraft & Survival, Please click on their logo below.